Criminal Law

From arraignment to sentencing, attorney Andrea Ferrara provides aggressive representation to her clients facing criminal charges. Experience counts when the stakes are high such as facing a possible jail sentence. 

A lawyer for more than 30 years, Andrea Ferrara has extensive knowledge of the criminal laws, sentencing guidelines, rehabilitative statutes, and special programs available which may benefit and provide her client a pathway to a clean record.

• Traffic tickets

• Drunk driving

• Misdemeanor defense

• Felony defense

• Post-conviction motions

• Padilla motions

Experience you can trust Ferrara has over 30 years of experience in criminal defense

You’re always presumed innocent unless the state can prove you otherwise. Make sure you go through your trial with an experienced lawyer who can ensure justice is served.

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You deserve a fair trial

Ms. Ferrara is a strong advocate for her clients and will be able to readily identify constitutional violations committed by improper police conduct. Her analytical skills serve her clients well in motion and other pre-trial practice in order to attain the best result for her client.

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Do you need help with immigration or family law too?

Andrea Ferrara, Esq., is one of Roseville’s top-rated immigration lawyers. She is also equipped to handle your family law cases too – from custody battles to child support. Contact us today: 586-773-7767

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